Apple Mac Repair Hertfordshire

Apple Mac Repair Hertfordshire
Mac Repair Hertfordshire
Liquid Spill Damage Mac Repairs
Apple Mac Repair Hertfordshire
Mac Repair Hertfordshire
Liquid Spill Damage Mac Repairs

The leading independent Mac Support & Apple Repair service

Experts in resolving all your Mac issues in and around Hertfordshire. Same day Apple Repairs & Mac Support for private Mac Users, Small to Medium Businesses, Education and Local Government Departments. We offer 30 years experience in Apple Support and Mac Repairs focusing on Liquid Spill Damage Repair, Data Recovery & Upgrades.

Whether it’s hardware, software or data recovery we can have you up & running the very same day, sometimes within the hour. We use the latest repair methods and techniques while offering affordability and reliability. We’re usually 50% cheaper compared to Apple stores and service providers in and around Hertfordshire. 

Just Fix Mac are able to source and install virtually any Apple Mac part including: Keyboard, Trackpad, Screen / Display, Power board (MagSafe / USB-C), Logic Board and more. Simply call our friendly team for the best service in the county: 08448 122 188

Apple Mac Repair Hertfordshire


Apple Repair Herts

One of many 5 star reviews:

Amazing service! Needed my ssd replaced and Apple Genius Bar wanted to charge me a fortune. But these guys were really friendly, fitted me in the next day for a very reasonable price and explained all my options. Offered to try to recover my data for free, and also included a full service and internal clean! Would absolutely use again and recommend to anyone.

Emma – October 2021
Apple Mac Repair Hertfordshire

Our Services

Below you’ll find a selection of services that our valued customers frequently request our assistance with.

Apple Mac Repair Hertfordshire: Of course each customers case may not be the same, so if your issue is different to those listed below please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can assist with any & every Mac problem. Our technicians have years of experience in resolving problems across all Apple Mac computer models and we always provide a fast reliable service at an affordable price.

Setup & configuration of your new Apple Mac

The initial setup of a new Mac might prove unnerving to some Apple users & this is especially the case for those new to Mac or previous Windows users when starting off with macOS. Luckily, Just Fix Mac offer an unsurpassed 30 years experience and can provide you with the highest level of professional Apple assistance. 

Working from Home

Our knowledge & skill set encompasses all models of Apple computer from desktops such as the iMac, Mac Mini & Mac Pro to laptops MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and the entry level MacBook. We can configure your Mac for email messaging, setup working from home scenarios for remote access, VPN, video calling & printing to simple configuration for automatic macOS updates. We offer in house or on-site installation & configuration including wired and wireless network connectivity for the home or business. If your team need to work from home let our set them up to maximise productivity and your staffing investment.

Design, Setup & Configuration of Wired & WiFi network

Our WiFi setup and configuration service includes an advanced site survey where our clever technicians check the optimum  positioning of equipment to maximise connectivity, performance and speed for your private or commercial property. Our network experts also provide easy to understand advice on enhancing WiFi systems to update & improve existing configurations.

FREE Diagnostic Inspection

Whatever problem your Mac has, it can be diagnosed for free, by our Mac specialists & provide an expert solution quickly, efficiently & cost-effectively.

Just Fix Mac’s technicians will begin by confirming the fault, expertly troubleshooting your Mac and offering the best options to resolve. If the problem is due to hardware or software, in fact whatever the issue, our friendly Apple technicians will restore it fast, effectively and all at an affordable price.

Email & Messaging systems

Email & messaging is used by most Mac users to stay in touch with friends, family or colleagues so you need your contact system successfully working on your Apple Mac to maximise productivity or simply remain in touch with loved one anywhere in the world. We’ll take the difficulty out of the equation when it comes to personal or business messaging. Don’t waste precious time deciding on IMAP or POP3 protocols, single or multiple accounts. Our messaging team can make all your concerns fade away & leave you fully wired up & connected.

iCloud & Online Synchronisation

Fully working file, calendar and messaging synchronisation is the foundation of any Mac and iOS system  Whether you refer iCloud or a 3rd party system it needs to be reliably operational, across all your devices. If not, you may find it very difficult to keep track of your email, messages or appointments across multiple devices. Our technicians can ensure all your Apple devices are in full sync all of the time.

Contact our sales team to discuss your refurbished Mac requirements – We’ll configure to your exact specification

Malware & Virus elimination

Apple devices are no longer immune to malware and viruses. Additional new strains are discovered each week so it pays to enlist an expert to avoid injecting malware via malicious email attachments or downloading disguised files via an infected website. The variety of malware is ever growing and it’s essential to have specialist defence in place to protect your important data. If you have any suspicion that malware or a virulent disease has struck – we are just a phone call away.

Malware is notoriously smart at masking its tracks, however our technicians have many years experience of eradicating malware from Apple computer systems. We can remove malware effectively, free your OS & clean-up hidden files from your Mac while providing recommendations on avoiding further malware attacks and virus infections in the future. We will advise on protecting your Mac and installing anti-malware defence systems for Apple computers.

Upgrade your Apple Mac

Whether your Mac is a home or a business systems, you need it to be running fully optimised to ensure you’re experiencing your Macs maximised performance. If you’ve noticed that starting up is slower than before we can assist with a free diagnostic inspection to determine the root cause of the problem. Our technicians can examine both the software & hardware aspects of your Apple Mac to pinpoint the cause of the decrease in overall performance. We’ll have your Mac returned running faster than ever before, operating at its peak performance – and all at an affordable price. We provide high quality Apple Mac Repairs in Hertfordshire.

Solid State Drive Upgrade

If you find your iMac running slow it’s highly likely to be due to it hard drive failing. Most iMac models manufactured over the past decade were factory fitted with mechanical hard drives and their performance degrades over time causing extreme performance issues and in worst cases data loss. Naturally the hard drive can be replaced with another mechanical drive although nowadays its advisable to choose a solid state drive which will improve the overall performance by up to 5-10 times. SSD storage upgrades are the way forward in 2022 and can prolong the working life of your iMac for a good few years longer. Due to the difficult disassembly of iMacs its best to enlist a genuine Mac expert to carry out this type of repair and avoid damage to the sensitive internal components, screen or glass.

Our Apple certified technicians will confirm an SSD upgrade is suitable and viable then skilfully disassemble your iMac. After completing the upgrade, they’ll deep clean the internal components and cooling system to further extend the working life of your iMac. Finally they’ll test the iMac thoroughly. Your upgraded iMac will be ready to collect or redeliver to you and provide you with many years of fully optimised and reliable service.

Data Backup Service

Backing up your crucial critical documents, photos or videos is simply a no brainer, although we find many Mac users fail to observe the importance of keeping a regular backup. Whether you are a home or business user not taking backup precautions means you are running a high risk of data loss. These days there are many backup options to choose from. Let our friendly knowledgable and highly professional Mac technicians discuss your individual requirements and provide the best possible recommendation on how to back up your data to a secure location & automate the process for you. This will ensure that in any disaster or catastrophic event, you will reduce the chance of data loss and restore your information without delay. Talk to our technical team today about information about your data storage and backup needs.

Data Transfer Service

If you’re a Windows user moving to a Mac or simply upgrading to a newer Mac you may find our professional assistance in transferring your data including settings, preferences, accounts and apps the best approach for a seamless migration. Rather than risk a problematic data transfer simply talk to our friendly Mac technicians about time-saving & cost-effective data transfer service. Our team can effortlessly transfer all your data from a PC to a Mac or from an older Mac to a newer one. We’ll ensure you are up & running with the minimum fuss or bother and allow you to experience the joy of moving to a faster and newer Mac.


Mac Data Recovery

We can recover and restore lost files from MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro models. Similarly we’ve devised advanced techniques to locate and restore damaged directories and other issues. We have 30 years experience & provide the most affordable data recovery service in Hertfordshire. Therefore the best quality service with the highest possible success rate. At JFM our technicians can repair all Mac hardware; from keyboards or trackpads to displays, power related components to batteries, hard drives to solid state drives, internal speakers to logic boards which are equivalent to motherboards in a PC. You can always depend on our highly experienced team of Mac professionals to offer the most cost-effective and affordable Mac repair service around.

Apple Hardware Repair

Just Fix Mac provide high quality repairs for all Apple models and do so effectively and economically. If you require a hardware repair or replacement part installed one simple call to our team allows us to provide the best possible support service for Mac owners across Hertfordshire and Essex. We offer a variety of services in terms of computer maintenance and where most companies prefer to replace parts quite often we are able to repair instead which keeps cost down and greener for our environment. We always look at every possibility to repair or restore rather than replace & we offer a 100% free Mac recycling service too.

Mac Liquid Damage Repair

It’s been said too many times: Liquid and Electronics do not not mix, so if you’ve encountered a spillage on your Mac it presents a myriad of issues. The initial problem is searching for a true Mac professional who has the knowhow and capability to resolve the spill damage effectively and affordably. You’ll no doubt discover many adverts offering Apple spill damage repairs so you may find it difficult to choose the right service who can offer genuine expertise in reviving Apple computers when spillage damage occurs.

We will do our best to revive your Mac “as is” without the expense of replacing parts, where possible. We always look to resolve liquid damage problems at the most affordable price, efficiently & with the least damage to our environment. Which is why we provide low level component repairs and micro soldering to repair damaged Mac logicboards rather than replace them. Come to Just Fix Mac and our liquid spill team can completely disassemble your Mac with the utmost skill & care and provide a free deep clean of the internal components to eradicate moisture, residue & corrosion.

Our Mac repair services include the following:

  • Apple Mac Repair Hertfordshire:
  • Same Day and Next Day Mac Repairs
  • Local, friendly, trustworthy & reliable Apple certified technicians.
  • Expert repair and data recovery services.
  • You are guaranteed the best prices!
  • MacBook – Repair, Upgrade, Data Recovery, Replacement Display / Screen, Logic Board Repair
  • MacBook Air – Repair, Upgrade, Data Recovery, Replacement Display / Screen, Logic Board Repair
  • MacBook Pro – Repair, Upgrade, Data Recovery, Replacement Display / Screen, Logic Board Repair
  • iMac – Repair, Upgrade, Data Recovery, Replacement Display / Screen, Logic Board Repair
  • Mac Pro – Repair, Upgrade, Data Recovery, Replacement Display / Screen, Logic Board Repair
  • Mac mini – Repair, Upgrade, Data Recovery, Replacement Display / Screen, Logic Board Repair